“Left field!” she cries as clouds arrive overhead. I’m daydreaming again, out loud, to a friend and she’s wondering when I’ll arrive at a point.

“Far out,” she goes on as we dance to a song that’s only playing in our heads. See, the on-looking few don’t appear to be pleased with our blatantly doing solely only as we please, so they boo-hoo and sneeze and then they get weak in the knees at the prospect of someone busting up all our blissful un-realities.

“La la land,” she reminisces her spent youth on golden coasts as I continue to relish in my own youthful moments spent on sun-drenched shores and we walk down the street to the places where we’ll meet new passerby’s and butterflies and people we’ve sworn we’ve seen somewhere else before.

“Lost it,” she found out the hard way that life isn’t about finding or losing or both or neither. It simply is and it is what it is all the way until it isn’t anything anymore. I left my last step right where the sidewalk stopped, so now my right foot’s treading through the sand once again.

“Gone man, gone,” she held on too long, the damage was done. If she’ll let it go then I’ll sing her a song and she’ll smile and dip her toes in the crystalline sands and we’ll laugh as the sun as it plays peek-a-boo with us again, popping in and out of the clouds.

“Slipping, always slipping away…” I speak my thoughts aloud to the girl that thinks I’m okay, which I am, I guess, as okay as all the rest…perhaps the Most High wanted it this way so that one day, late at night, right before tomorrow’s morning arrives, we’ll think back on all these yesterdays we’ve spent and we’ll both breathe deeply in the moment we find ourselves together in and the world will continue to spin.

“Out there!”

– Josephus Vice


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