Money…with it, we do whatever we want…

Without it, we can’t do shit…at least that’s the lie that gets whispered seductively into our ears, all widely accepted and pre-packaged along with mass media’s “of-course-that’s-how-it-is” attitude.

“Get the $hoe$!”

Spend $200 dollars on something that we’ll wear twice this year and get pissed if they get scuffed. Oh and then next year, the Kanye in the group’s just gonna be callin us out like, “Homey, you ain’t up on these NEW $hoe$!”

“Propaganda!” cries the rasta.
”Conspiracy, man…” drifts the stoner.
“Inevitability” reflects me.

Money…it can destroy entire populations or it can builds entire villages, and all from the comfort of far, far away and all without the bother of it having to exist in the form of a living being burdened down with day to day pressures and responsibilities. It blows along the breeze of greed, seeking out new shoes to stack on shelves in the name of “need.”

The ability for any one thing to so dramatically contribute to either cause, good or evil; so brutally, so potentially equally, so non-partially is a trait that, I feel, shouldn’t be entrusted to green paper, electronic figures in institutionalized banks, or “ownership” of all that shit that you can’t take with you when you leave this world…look at all the pharaohs…still slowly decomposing in their golden sarcophogi.

But at least we got those shiny new $hoe$…and if we don’t yet…we’ll get rich to cop ‘em or die trying to.

Truth be told, we all were created to breathe. To walk the earth. To look up and to be amazed. All the rest is just about reacting appropriately in each of the moments we all find ourselves encountering on a day to day basis. With our heads to the heavens, we worry little about our $hoe$.

Praise the Most High for that.

Unfortunately, “our” realities, “our” moments, “our” lives have become controlled by tugging forces…good and evil…Babylon has many resources. Many, most of us will get led astray.

But the Most High dwells within us all.
Heed the call.
Money must have a fall.



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