Don’t vote for President. Vote for city council. Don’t vote for Vice President. Vote for school board commitees. Don’t vote for Barack Obama. Vote for someone you’ve held an actual discussion with…maybe had a drink or two with. Don’t vote for Mitt Romney. Vote for someone who actually needs the money paid to them for holding their political office. Don’t vote for Joe Biden. Vote for county Sheriff. Don’t vote for Paul Ryan. Vote for your Mayor. Don’t vote for governmental policies. Vote for your community’s well-being. Don’t vote for party lines. Vote for family time. Don’t vote for propaganda. Vote for honest discussion. Don’t base decisions on gallup poles. Base decisions on what really matters the most to you. Don’t watch the party conventions. Watch what’s going on that nobody wants to mention. Don’t buy into their empty promises of reforming D.C.. Buy into your own ability to positively impact the world around you. Don’t vote for double talk. Vote for truth. Don’t vote for “big money.” Vote for the “little people.” Don’t vote for issues that never, ever get true resolution i.e. abortion, tax cuts. Vote for real issues that actually need immediate resolution i.e. our lousy economy, our dissolving civil rights. Don’t vote just to have the Electoral College nullify your voice. Vote if it’s a vote that will be heard, appreciated, counted and possibly be the one that makes the difference. Don’t vote for President, unless you vote “none of the above.”

The logic behind this is in the development of the roots of our system. First, we vote in, or “plant,” good healthy roots as our representation. Then we rely on those good roots to grow a healthy tree. We really need to know the people we put into all of these other offices. Know something about your district’s Representative, know as much as possible. Know how your state’s Senators are voting in Washington. Vote accordingly. Once the roots are strong, then we put the power into their hands by not voting individually for President. By not voting for President, or better yet, voting “none of the above,” we force the House of Representatives into voting in a President based on the convictions of the people that the House represents, “we the people.” The Senate would follow suit and vote in a Vice President. This way of voting in a new President/Vice President would bypass a lot of the influences of emotion-based media propaganda, big money lobbyists, partisan politics, etc. More importantly, it would take the vote out of the hands of the Electoral College and put it into the hands of those who actually have the insight and capacity for making a choice of this magnitude and who actually represent us.

There are 435 seats, each with an individual vote in the House. There are 270 votes split into 50 shares in the Electoral College…better odds with the House.

This is where all of “we the people” must show up and flood our Representative’s/Senator’s offices with telephone calls, letters, personal visits with our insights into the qualities of a person we really want as the figurehead of our nation. Yes, this would be a long and arduous process…as this serious of a matter truly is. Some countries have military coups EVERY TIME power switches hands, and while our system was designed to handle that change over peacefully, we have gotten TOO passive about how and from whom/to whom that power gets dispursed. I think for such a great position as “President of the United States of America/Commander in Chief” it isn’t unreasonable for this process to take considerably more time than it takes for a candidate’s name/face to become common household knowledge. We need healthy, productive, intimate discussions with these people. We need to care more about their voting history, their campaign contributors, their actual community involvement. If we are all active in our communities, these names would become common knowledge anyways, because their reputations as leaders would be known and and admired. Who are these people we vote for now? We “figure it out” as we watch a few choreographed and televised political debates on TV’s and internet streams from miles and miles away. We need mothers telling their Reps/Senators what’s up, what needs changed, what’s good for their family’s sake. We need professionals of all types chiming in. We need to put the pressure on our Representatives to represent us with their educated, informed vote for a qualified leader of this nation.

If these elected officials would then fail to work hard for our sake and to continue voting for the interests of big money lobbyists and partisan politics, continuing to ignore all of us “little people,” then “we the people” would see how corrupt our system has truly become and should then act accordingly in dismantling said system and starting over.

At least we’d have a good starting point…by then, we’d probably know where most of these “representatives” live.

“Every generation should have a new revolution.” – Thomas Jefferson


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