Chapter Three



These days,
Cedric the Wise Himalayan meows meditatively, waxing pious almost solely to four-feet-long mutant cockroaches. There isn’t much else left on the planet…maybe a zombie or two still stumbling around…but mostly just cockroaches.

Hey, at least they’re zenned-out four-foot-long mutant cockroaches…



As any wandering spirit will tell you,
the phenomenon of roaming the earth without a body isn’t an easy one to get accustomed to.

Grok’s hand passed through the charred stick.

Grok grunted forcefully.


All work and no play makes Rok a dull Bott. He had been blazing the trail, searching for E for a long time. RokBott needed to blow off some steam, so to speak. He pulled out his grenade launcher and blew up three peaks in the Rocky Mountains.

“Lights out…guerilla radio…” – Rage Against the Machine


What’s that sound???


Back at the cave,
Urogk had been overtaken by basic animal instinct.

The barbaric grunts and groans bellowing from deep inside Grok’s chest only made her more passionate in her attempts to revive the ancient man.

She mounted him.


It sounds like music…
…and it smells like marijuana…
I had completely forgotten about marijuana…



Cedric the Wise opened his eyes and saw that the assembly was very much at peace.

He withdrew from the gathering to his quiet place, to his little rug, to the rug that Dr. Sterieaux had given him when he was just a kitten. He looked out from his mountain top and enjoyed a time of inner peace.

A single whisker picked up on a vibration from some distant corner of the cosmos.


“Shoot to Thrill” – AC/DC

RokBott’s navigational software showed a single structure, a brick wall, standing about ten miles out from what was once downtown Portland. His barometric software told him that there was a slight southwesterly wind.

He set his photon torpedo blaster to obliterate.
RokBott took aim.


A sudden gust of wind picked up and the plastic bag flew away along with it.
It blew away in a south, southwesterly direction, as a matter of fact.

Grok chased the flying, land lubing jelly.

His steps were falling lighter than before, thought the ancient man.
He almost felt as if he were floating.
And he wasn’t in pain anymore…

The entirety of this sudden change in reality began to sink in.


Music, marijuana and now…fireworks??
For some reason, the word “Lolapalooza” just popped into my thick zombie brain.


Cedric the Wise breathed deeply.
He purred, content.
His golden mane puffed majestic on the wind.
He closed his emerald eyes again and sensed a journeying whisp drawing nearer.


Urogk could sense that Grok seemed to be slowly regaining consciousness.
She rode him with more determination.


Too late to take it back, RokBott’s infrared life-seeking software alerted him of the fact that there was a warm body resting on the other side of that brick wall ten miles away.

Someone is still alive!
Maybe they know where to get some E.

RokBott1Oo had to beat that torpedo!

“Final Countdown” – Europe


As he chased the grocery bag, a flaming streak of fire whizzed across Grok’s line of vision and headed towards a brick wall, way off in the distant horizon.

The plastic jellyfish seemed to be floating that way, too.

Grok grunted and pursued.


I thought I was dead for real this time.


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