I don’t mean to be “that guy” with all the “political fbook posts” but these times be crazy yo…check’a check the arithemetic…this “QE3 stimulus” = $1,440,000,000,000 (trillion) newly-created money…out of thin air…nothing backing it…$40 billion a month for (at least, but not limited to) three years straight…like *skadoosh!* and there it is…this is the stuff we work 40+ hours a week for, what we eat on, and they make it outta nothing…$1.44 TRILLION dollars…for reallz? Ummhmm. Ok…so the $1.44 trillion dollar question…how much U.S. currency is already out there? Roughly $2.1 trillion…dolla dolla bill y’all…so in three years we’re just gonna create out of thin air an additional 68% of the money we’ve already had floating around out there since we’ve HAD money floating around out there? Yep…I’d say that’s stimulus. Yo DJ…how much is the combined debt of all the major countries of the world? $40.83 trillion…Sooo…like, we’re just gonna print up 3% of the combined debt of the WORLD to save our COUNTRY’s economy from getting into more debt? Well…yea. I mean, it didn’t work the FIRST TWO times we tried it, so…why not do the exact same thing again, right? *Beat drop*…isn’t this kinda thing behind milk costing like $13.81 pesos in Mexico? Behind gas being $10.15 a gallon in Greece? QE3=mass inflation, zero swag.


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