A Moment Opportune

I have nothing but love for you…you who oppress me with your sickly, dying hand.
I have nothing but compassion for you…you who’ve slaughtered your own brethren, sistren, children, kindred, all bound and buried by your command.
I have nothing but hope for you…you who preach hopelessness from your far away castles, isolated from the living heaven enjoyed by I and I and my fellow man.
I have nothing but forgiveness for you…you who seek damnation at every turn.
I have nothing but patient kindness for you…you who have so very, very, very much to learn.
I have nothing but peace for you…you who declare endless, senseless, baseless war to be waged on me and all of mine.
I have nothing but enduring unity for you…you who’ve sown seeds with the intent of growing permanent dividing lines.
I have nothing but good energies directed at you…you who promote the bad at every moment opportune.
I have nothing but heartfelt melodies to sing to you…you who howl at every full moon.
I have nothing but simple emptiness for you…you who have truly gained the world entire.
I have nothing but humble water for you…you have exalted your soul to the fire.
I have nothing but two bare feet for you…you who tread on me with cold, steel tanks.
I have nothing but true self-equity for you…you who corrupt and extort through vaulted banks.
I have nothing but honest dialogue for you…you who lie and lie and lie again.
I have nothing but purity for you…you who have been contaminated by the lies that you lay in.
I have nothing but an awakened consciousness for you…you who’ve tried your damnedest to keep me slumbering.
I have nothing but a quantum cosmic awareness for you…you who deal only in material plunderings.
I have nothing because I am not; for you and I are all the same.
You have nothing on me…for you and I no longer play the game.


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