Che! Man! Kane!
Life is sacred!
With every breath, remember this.

Remember  la tierra, the land, ka ‘aina.
Remember el mar, the ocean, ka moana
Remember el cielo, the heavens, ka lani
Remember la vida, the life, ke ola.
Remember that they are sagrado, sacred, ‘ihi.

Remember that love is the breath of life.
Remember that peace is the breath of innocence.

Remember that this life is not your own, not fully.
Remember that you are one vital,  yet temporary manifestation of this life.
Remember that you possessed by the force of life for a short while.
Remember that before anything alive is able to be categorized as anything else,
It is FIRST a living being.

Be aware of yourself in this moment.
Remember that you are only given the moment which you are presently in.
Remember to be consciously aware of your self.
Stay spontaneously awake.
Do this now.

Remember life before thought.
Remember thought before speech.
Remember speech before action.
Remember action before reaction.
If you must act, do so in love.
If you must react, do so in innocence.

Remember that any action made does leave a mark on the universe.
Remember to be careful of the marks that you make.
Remember that there are marks that cannot be erased, not by man.
Remember that innocence is unmarked, sacred and clean.

Remember that thought is only a tool meant to assist in the LIVING of life.
Discipline your own thoughts so as that they do not hinder your growth.
Become aware of the energy that you invest into each developing thought.
Do this now.

What is invested into life becomes it.
Invest love into life.
Remember truth.
Invest truth into life.
Truth is the foundation of innocence.
Innocence is a ceaseless trust in the provision of love.
Innocence is the delicate muse of love.
Channel love.
Protect innocence.

If innocence is lost, love has nothing beautiful to reflect into life.
Remember that fear is only an emotion felt.
Remember that fear without love breeds hatred.

Practice peace.
It will show you new innocence.
Practice patience.
It will steer you safely through fear.
Practice love.
It will dissolve any lingering hatred.

Let there be laughter expressed before tears.
Remember to laugh often and in good spirits.
Let there be joy felt before sorrow.
Remember the good before the bad.

Pursue a broadening perspective in every aspect of life.
Perspective is the tool used for gaining humility in this life.
Humility is living in the state of innocence.
Discipline is the tool used for living in humility.
Meditation is the tool used for gaining discipline.
Practice meditation in life.
It will lead you onward.

Resentment is the hatred of humility.
Remember that where there is hate, there are enemies.
Remember that wherever a group is formed, division occurs also.
Remember that division without love is prejudice.

Remembrance is the re-membering of what was once one.
All was one, all is one part of one now, and all will be re-membered as one once again.



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