An open mind finds what a closed mind denies.
Time appears to fly to he who perceives life through a linear perception of time.
A part will never see the whole as it stands as one, complete,
It can only observe the differences apparent from that particular part’s individual seat.

An accepting spirit welcomes what a rejecting spirit lacks.
Lessons made of flesh and bone like monuments, teachings of the past.
As carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen unite to form this universal whole,
So do you and I and sun and moon and star and earth unite to form the movements, come and go.

An orbiting reality prospers where stagnation does collapse.
Relative to my environment are the compositions of my task.
Just as any two autumn leaves will fall with uniquely different and eloquent dances,
So too, children jumping in leafy piles will share uniquely similar and joyous experiences.

An ever-expanding perspective relates to that which a limited perspective cannot fathom.
You think you feel small and insignificant, try and see the universe through the eyes of an atom.
A copper penny would be the solar system, a silver dollar, the milky way.
Accept an open perspective of reality is all this writer is trying to say.



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