Three little monkeys were sitting in a tree…one fell out and scratched his knee…one looked down and scratched his head…the other, in a fit of rage proclaimed, ‘The gods, they must be dead!”

The fallen monkey looked up and realized just how far he fell. The one looking down proclaimed, “That must have felt like hell.” The other little monkey, being now without a God, looked over at the other saying, “Isn’t this whole life business just the slightest bit odd?”

The fallen monkey looking up now through the jungle canopy, saw the splintering rays of sunlight and in awe said, “All praise and glory Be.” The downward-looking monkey scratched his downward-facing butt. He responded to the question with an uninterested, “What?”

Inspired by the light above, the fallen monkey began to climb. The atheistic monkey sat and charged the gods with neglectful, hateful, awful crimes. The little monkey looking down enjoyed the newness of this scene. Before this day, each day had been the same repetitive thing.

The climbing monkey thanked the gods for providing him with limbs both on trees and on body to use. The godless monkey began to wonder what in life could be considered the truth. The monkey looking towards the ground laughed at the other’s serious tone quite loudly. The little monkey without a god took this gesture badly.

The monkey on the climb was nearly back to where he started. The little laughing monkey laughed so loud and hard, he farted. The other, now having enough of this bafoonery, left in search of more sensible company. The fallen monkey return to his perch and sighed, grateful for his place in destiny.

The other little monkey laughed and laughed and laughed again. Making light of everything in life became his definition of life in heaven. The other little monkey, without a god but now a mission, carried on his path seeking truth, learning lesson after lesson after lesson.

Until one day too he fell down from his perch and looking up, saw through the tops of the jungle canopy.

He smiled and as his soul did rise, his final words were,
“Truly, God is me.”


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