…So the world didn’t end…

So there’s no global catastrophe to stitch humanity’s busted seams back together again…nothing to rally around, no cause to make a final stand for, nothing but ourselves to remind us that each and every passing “now” allowed to pass is just another moment out the door…maybe the whole thing was bullshit…or even worse…that it’s just more of the same damn thing…fame, money, wealth, injustice, poverty, work, sex, pain…living definitions of a concept “insane”…in the refrain, Miles would just blast out notes in time like warning shots…perhaps the Mayan’s viewed their calendar much the same…a way of keeping pace in this mess…perhaps they were just like us in that they observed the perfection all around them through the lens of their own distresses, dis-eases and disorders…perhaps they knew that as the world spun round and round, that the stars were going to lose their luster to the generations coming up who would have such great reminders of what man was capable of all littering their landscapes…monolithic pyramids instead of constellations…fantastic human mythic histories instead of daily revelations of that phenomenon of love, or light, manifested each day anew…perhaps they called for the end of an age in hopes of reminding me and you that it’s not a different earth that we inhabit…the land we walk, so did our ancestors…their thoughts, their lives were what they manifested in their moment…they looked at the stars and saw the way light manifested their reality…they saw the way the sun loved the world…and their call to the age to come, simply translated…”Know it!”

A toast to the age of Aquarius…

To the age of knowing…may we leave those doubts and beliefs to the passing Piscean age, taking only that which we know after two thousand some-odd years…that we are alive…that we breathe…that there is a phenomenon known as love…that where love is, light is also…that without light, there would be no “thing” at all…and since that’s all we know…that’s all we need to carry along…leave belief to the deceived.

Know light. Know love.


…where there are no beginnings, there can be no ends…


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