SYGSI – First edition

I’m here with my stage name Swankidelik and it’s offered to share a little about what music means to him.
Go ahead, Swank.

Thanks, shout out to all my homies…just had to say that.

For real. So why do I play music today?
To speak a language I’ve spoken all my life. I’ve dabbled with many accents and have found it best to just speak the language way that flows most naturally…I have my own accent of music…so I speak it. It’s been more involved than that in younger moments with an inflated ego to feed, but I’ve grown up in many ways, remained youthful in many others…making beats on my iphone keeps me young…I have made several real decisions in life and by choosing to actively stand up into the current of current life and to make a line out beyond it’s many karma-ic breaks and dwell in peace no matter the cost means that I’m going to get knocked around more than I could by staying down underneath the security blankets of socially normal ignorance’s, but that’s okay…see…because here’s the music to listen to while life’s only perpetual grain of sand slips softly downwards…but why should we even begin to think this way? Here’s the groove…ahh the beat just dropped in time and time moved on all the same…breathe in….life goes on…breathe out.

What do I want to see come of my music?
I want to play music that people enjoy listening to. I choose to speak music so that people may relate to something mutually right now, thus sparking a connection between energies…so that people may come together and realize the greatness that we’re all capable of, not just to idolize the message and it’s many messengers  but to actually breathe in new air consciously in this present breath…and to exhale…wow…feel the lift of that new energy? Yes…and in that middle passing thought, to feel the swell of reality and that gently ebbing flow of eternal energy moving throughout all that truly is one…and if there’s any hitch right here, that we may all let it go…human…just let it go…having a part to play along with that tune is what I’m trying to groove on. We’ve gotta move past and finally through this much-to-do-about-individual-expressionism that we’re all currently stuck on…and to take the good to be found in it and come back together as one…for no other sake than that life is simply what happens and a day is only progress within consistently constant time and space…I will not die…I’ll simply move…

What else do I have to say?
Well, these melodies I humbly present to you have all now dissolved into time and space but were conveniently recorded and have survived for your listening pleasure. I hope our minds embrace. Keep arms, legs and other extremities hanging dangerously close to where the fun is as the ride continues to get progressively more intent-fully, transcendentally conscious…and make sure to dance at least a little every day…it keeps the cancer and zombies away.



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