You don’t gotta let me know…
Zoned so high above normalized fictitious flow.
Floatin’ down just to puff on a cloud…
You let me know, she let me know with her mouth…
As in she told me all my north-es were south’s…
And if I thought that I was in, I was out…
See, she existed on other planes, no travel, astral realms.
She could be here and back tomorrow’s yesterday.
She knew that yesterday was just a thing of the past…
So that’s the last of dating fate, let it pass…
I guess it goes to show that last laughs and trash bags go hand in hand
And it’s not always the winner who had the better plan
Speak it slower so they can understand but don’t let it it fade away…
It’s in these current moments that oscillate across this mental landscape.
Life is in the wind, fate is with the fan.



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