I remember being enlightened like it never left me, sitting silently in elementary school trying hard not to shine too brightly.

I remember dwelling in the realms of higher states of consciousness as Mr. So-and-So taught the class all about the this’s and that’s of elementary mathematics, not yet knowing that the world outside my classroom window had already divided itself to the Nth degree, people fraction-ing off into factions; so there I sat, wondering how in the world mathematics could ever apply to me…meanwhile in history class, another Mr. So-and-so droned on about how this splintering world happened to be all clean cut and functioning perfectly, as stated on page two hundred and fifty three.

I remember being united with the universe, sitting in science class and hearing all about cell division, dissecting life to find a way to command it, studying long-held theorems of how this universe came to be accidentally and trying to grasp the hope that this must give us as a culture, the hope of being accidental.

Monumental, eternal, immortal, transcendental, enlightened, boundless energy am I.

See I thought this as a boy…
I just didn’t have the perspective yet to know how clearly I could perceive this reality…and in the time it took me to realize the clarity I had as a boy, I grew up to be a man; a man who temporarily¬†bought into the dumbing down that is “pop culture”, a man who temporarily became my C+ average bestowed upon me by “formal education”, a man who dulled my soul’s vibrancy to become that bland shade that is the “societal norm.”

So now, as a man, having seen the world and been among it’s members for some time, I have the informed opportunity to say, in good faith and full understanding, that I remember being enlightened like it never left me, because it never has.

Shine brightly.


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