from Sanzibar




Eduardo Tomas San Lupe Cruz was a poor fisherman in the Yucatan many, many years ago. He fell in love and married the daughter of Juan Carlos, another fisherman. Her name  had been Maria Laurinda Vargas Flores. She had been blessed with a beautiful soprano voice, lighting candles every Sunday before mass as she sang in the choir.

Together, they had a son, Eduardo Tomas San Lupe Vargas, among several other children. He too was a fisherman, born into a poor fishing community. He too married the daughter of a neighbor. Her name was Anna Azura Espinoza Delgado. She too was musically blessed. She played the piano beautifully. She too lit candles every Sunday before mass.

One  harvest moon early morning,
While Eduardo had been out on his fishing boat, he saw something floating in the water. It was a dark mass, bobbing gently with the calm ocean waves, about thirty yards out from the bow of his boat. He made his way closer to see what it was. There are whale sharks in the area and although Eduardo wasn’t prepared for a catch of that size, he had always been curious about the ocean and its many creatures.

He was about ten feet away from the mysterious object in the water before he realized that the dark mass was in fact a man’s body, floating face down in the water.

Eduardo Tomas San Lupe Vargas went numb with shock.
He paused…breathed…felt a deep pounding in his chest.

He shouted out to the man.


He got no reply. Eduardo quickly pulled the boat up closer and reached out to grab the man. He was unresponsive. Eduardo heaved him up over the side wall and into the boat.


Eduardo’s heart was racing. He had been fishing these waters for years. Not once had he ever encountered something as strange or as disturbing as this.


He tapped the man on the cheek. He was cold, but didn’t have the look of death about him. Eduardo checked his pulse. There was one, however it was faint and fading away rapidly. The man was not breathing.

Eduardo pounded on the man’s chest a few times, tilted his head back, plugged his nose, breathed a few deep breaths into the man’s lungs and waited.


Eduardo’s own heart was pounding heavily in his own chest.
His hands were shaking. He tried it all again.
He wiped the sweat from his brow.
Again, he tried. Again, nothing.

The man’s lips were cold.

He looked toward the heavens and said a prayer.

“Lord, if it be Your will, save this man.”

Once more, he tried…and…wouldn’t you know…?

The heavyset man came up hard, coughing loudly and for quite some time.

Eduardo threw a towel around his shoulders and the nearly lifeless man back inside the small fishing boat.

Neither man said a word while they made their way to shore.

Eduardo carried the heavyset man all the way along the trail back up to the fisherman’s home.
The man had a large lump on the back of his head and his suit had been torn to shreds.

Eduardo gave him some dry clothes. Anna wrapped the man in blankets.

They sat in silence before the furnace, eating the rice and beans that Anna had prepared.
The man’s name turned out to Tobias Sulley. He had been an unsucessful business man from somewhere other than the Yucatan.
He described himself as being, “a man with his hands in many different jars.”

He never explained precisely how he had become stranded out in the middle of the ocean.

“Listen friends, it’s for the best if you don’t know too much.
Let’s just say I had a “falling out” with a few people that I shouldn’t have called “friends”

Eduardo didn’t pursue the matter any further and conversation fell to silence once again.

Anna made a makeshift bed for Tobias in their small living area out of a few quilts.
Eduardo handed the man a pillow and the couple retired for the night. Anna lit a candle on the mantle place and said a prayer before going to bed.

“Father, please protect us all this night. Amen.”

Eduardo rose early the next morning, as he did every morning.
He walked quietly into the living room, expecting to find Mr. Sulley still asleep.

He found, instead, the quilts and blankets were all nicely folded and placed neatly in one corner of the room and the floor had been nicely swept.
On top of the stack of quilts was a note.

“This is for saving my life. Whether it was a life worth saving, well, that’s up to me now. Thank you both for opening up your home to me. God bless.”

Next to the note was a very shiny, very heavy, very, very fancy golden pocket watch.

Eduardo and Anna never heard from Tobias Sulley again.
They just went on living their lives the only way they knew how.

Every day, Eduardo went out early in the morning to fish, keeping an even more watchful eye on the water from then on.
Every Sunday, Anna lit candles before mass.
One was always now lit for Mr. Sulley, that he may find his way.

They never had to worry about money again because of Mr. Sulley’s generosity. Eduardo had taken the pocket watch to a jeweler in the city, who had nearly fainted at the mere sight of it.

Eduardo handed the man the watch. The jeweler, in return, handed Eduardo a large sum of money. With it, Eduardo bought himself a nicer, although still very modest, fishing boat. He bought his wife a beautiful old piano so that she could fill their small, quaint home with beautiful music. The rest of the money they wisely decided to save.
They had three children; Eduardo Tomas San Lupe Espinoza, Azura Maria San Lupe Espinoza and Javier Tobias San Lupe Espinoza. Their first-born died of pneumonia while he was still an infant.

“Lord, if it be Your will, save my son.”

It wasn’t to be this time.
They bought him a beautiful tombstone with some of Mr. Sulley’s money.
Anna now lit another candle every Sunday before mass.

It was three years later to the day that Azura Maria came into the world. She had beautiful eyes, the color of the ocean that her parents had known so well. She grew up to become a breathtakingly gorgeous woman who, like her mother, played the piano beautifully and lit candles before mass. She married another fisherman, also named Juan. They have four lovely children of their own.

Javier Tobias greeted the world two years after Azura.
Eduardo and Anna named him “Javier” after Anna’s grandfather, who had been a very kind man. They named him “Tobias” after Mr. Sulley, who had been so kind to them as well, in his own way.

Javier grew up to become a very intelligent man. He had the privilege of enrolling at the University in Mexico City, thanks to the money from Mr. Sulley’s pocket watch. He was the first San Lupe to ever leave the Yucatan. He made his parents very proud. After graduating near the top of his class, he decided to move from Mexico to find work in his chosen profession, which was mechanical engineering.

He got hired on by a factory in Bristolbury that made recreational vehicles.

His son, Javier Tobias “Tobey” San Lupe Torres, became Mikael’s best friend.

…   …   …   …   …   …


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