Thanks a lot!


“…If I had to say one good thing about Americans in general…it’d be that Americans have the ability to firmly grasp and thoroughly integrate into their very souls the concept of, “maintaining.”
They have maintained an inflated, audacious opinion of themselves for decades. The rest of the world is constantly forced to change, adapt, survive or die in accordance with the awesome, life-changing, fairy tale-like whims of  the United States population…somehow, they remind me of crazed-lifestyle zombies…slouched and stumbling towards the checkout lines…maintaining audacity all the way… ”

Her serpentine eyes surveyed the scene, obscene schemes like rapid-fire scenario machines ripping off schisms of panicky, rippling energy beams through the fluttering leaves of otherwise zenful, ancient Sichuan-ese* tangerine trees…

His cigarette burned down to ashes, circles of carbon spiraling out into the cosmos as he continued,

“Your hands are not as weathered as the others tend to be.
Nor your eyes…no, lovely little emeralds they are.
Perhaps you will enlighten me, Ms.,
From where does this audacity stem?”

Sarcastic cynicism-laced sentences…

Subject matter: no_white-ly_picket-ed_fences…her short-circuiting mental processes cue up some random mental images. She strains her sight in a final, fleeting and feeble attempt to envision a way out of this crazy, messed up situation…and she’s straining to do so very hastily…

On cue, she ruptured the rust from her steely tear ducts…and erupted into ironic and tearful gushes.

“…I trust that if I tell you, you’ll not attempt to bust us?”

And then she hiccuped up a 150-proof belch that staggered off drunkenly down the old and treacherous city street.

Damn that jitterbuggery!

He charged her with public-intox and illegally visiting Cheng Du without a visa…

In the backseat of the cruiser, she audaciously accused her accuser of extensive abuse to her emotional stability. Then, she fitfully faked a violent seizure.

The surgeon seized her by the arm the moment the cruiser came to a stop…the officer sighed and then he said,

“Thanks a lot.”



*I realize “Sichuanese” isn’t really a word. I mean no disrespect and am simply being playful with words. =)