There are such things known as pages of eternity.
They are composed of multiple verses.
Some call the collection of these pages a Multiverse.
One page is known as a Universe.

Not unlike scribes upon pages of parchment,
These pages are emblazoned upon by pure, continual energy.
Continual energy, all colliding with itself.
Over and over again.

Syllable by syllable, these stanzas take form.
Line by line, the verses flow.
Verse by verse, these pages compose.
Page by page, these pages all go.

There are such things known as pages of eternity.
Each it’s own and none the same.
There are travelers upon these pages of eternity.
Each alone and without name.

Not unlike heroes and demons of antiquity,
These travelers are continually conquering and stumbling along.
Stumbling along ever-endlessly
All singing separately the very same song.

Note by note, these melodies take form
Melody by melody, these harmonies flow.
Harmony by harmony, these songs compose.
Song by song, these songs all go.

There are such beings known as travelers of eternity.
They flip through the pages with hitchhiking thumbs.
Some call these travelers Demons.
Some call these travelers Suns.