Thoughts 3/17

Analytic gymnastics combating disinformation tactics
Pastors preaching of disasters, love traded for lust
Think faster, move past this obsession
With a life lived individually
Gravitational pulls affects us all equally
Transcendental knowledge moves non-partially
And wherever there may be two parts of the equation
Let there be a solution following rapidly
For wherever there is division
There will be found the sickness
Wherever there is unity
There will be the strength
To cure the wickedness
I’m sure there’s more to this cosmic chord
Than just these in-harmonic frequencies
Resolving melodies, harmonious tendencies.


Shine Brightly

I remember being enlightened like it never left me, sitting silently in elementary school trying hard not to shine too brightly.

I remember dwelling in the realms of higher states of consciousness as Mr. So-and-So taught the class all about the this’s and that’s of elementary mathematics, not yet knowing that the world outside my classroom window had already divided itself to the Nth degree, people fraction-ing off into factions; so there I sat, wondering how in the world mathematics could ever apply to me…meanwhile in history class, another Mr. So-and-so droned on about how this splintering world happened to be all clean cut and functioning perfectly, as stated on page two hundred and fifty three.

I remember being united with the universe, sitting in science class and hearing all about cell division, dissecting life to find a way to command it, studying long-held theorems of how this universe came to be accidentally and trying to grasp the hope that this must give us as a culture, the hope of being accidental.

Monumental, eternal, immortal, transcendental, enlightened, boundless energy am I.

See I thought this as a boy…
I just didn’t have the perspective yet to know how clearly I could perceive this reality…and in the time it took me to realize the clarity I had as a boy, I grew up to be a man; a man who temporarily bought into the dumbing down that is “pop culture”, a man who temporarily became my C+ average bestowed upon me by “formal education”, a man who dulled my soul’s vibrancy to become that bland shade that is the “societal norm.”

So now, as a man, having seen the world and been among it’s members for some time, I have the informed opportunity to say, in good faith and full understanding, that I remember being enlightened like it never left me, because it never has.

Shine brightly.


You don’t gotta let me know…
Zoned so high above normalized fictitious flow.
Floatin’ down just to puff on a cloud…
You let me know, she let me know with her mouth…
As in she told me all my north-es were south’s…
And if I thought that I was in, I was out…
See, she existed on other planes, no travel, astral realms.
She could be here and back tomorrow’s yesterday.
She knew that yesterday was just a thing of the past…
So that’s the last of dating fate, let it pass…
I guess it goes to show that last laughs and trash bags go hand in hand
And it’s not always the winner who had the better plan
Speak it slower so they can understand but don’t let it it fade away…
It’s in these current moments that oscillate across this mental landscape.
Life is in the wind, fate is with the fan.



This was a nation of the hypocrites
Who said they did the things that they did not ever did
Acting like they owned the place on interest
No repercussions-es
Too much ego
To be well received though
Traded love for a Benz
And sold the world for a Speed-o
Technical foul, time ran out
The crowd crying loud
Where’s the free throws??

This was a nation of the hypocrites
Proudly boasting loudly catchy catch-phrase jingles
How’d they teach how you to Dougie?
How’d they leech away your money?
Too much food
Diverted from hungry mouths
Who’s working hands make the mass produced produce…
What’d we lose
While we were busy saving all our time?
The headline on the news;
“Hypocrites finally tell the truth, they’ve changed their minds.”

I Found

Bang bang

I found a revolution
Laying on the ground
Orphaned by a golden age…
Aquarius has passed away…
I found free love for sale
They had the price knocked down
We used to fight for what we thought…
Now we just live for what we’ve got…

So give me liberty…
Or just the next best thing
Don’t need no heroes today
The new American way…

I found a dream neglected
Mr. King lost his crown
Stolen by an evil thief
He stole away with our beliefs
And I found Independence
She was gagged and bound
Still with her pride, though badly bruised
Red eyed, pale white, she sings the blues…

So give me liberty…
Or just the next best thing
Don’t need no heroes today
The new American way…

Well, I found
A new ambition
Turn this world around
We speak in whispers and in dreams…
Perhaps we’re closer than it seems…

Sometimes you gotta self-interview (SYGSI.1)

SYGSI – First edition

I’m here with my stage name Swankidelik and it’s offered to share a little about what music means to him.
Go ahead, Swank.

Thanks, shout out to all my homies…just had to say that.

For real. So why do I play music today?
To speak a language I’ve spoken all my life. I’ve dabbled with many accents and have found it best to just speak the language way that flows most naturally…I have my own accent of music…so I speak it. It’s been more involved than that in younger moments with an inflated ego to feed, but I’ve grown up in many ways, remained youthful in many others…making beats on my iphone keeps me young…I have made several real decisions in life and by choosing to actively stand up into the current of current life and to make a line out beyond it’s many karma-ic breaks and dwell in peace no matter the cost means that I’m going to get knocked around more than I could by staying down underneath the security blankets of socially normal ignorance’s, but that’s okay…see…because here’s the music to listen to while life’s only perpetual grain of sand slips softly downwards…but why should we even begin to think this way? Here’s the groove…ahh the beat just dropped in time and time moved on all the same…breathe in….life goes on…breathe out.

What do I want to see come of my music?
I want to play music that people enjoy listening to. I choose to speak music so that people may relate to something mutually right now, thus sparking a connection between energies…so that people may come together and realize the greatness that we’re all capable of, not just to idolize the message and it’s many messengers  but to actually breathe in new air consciously in this present breath…and to exhale…wow…feel the lift of that new energy? Yes…and in that middle passing thought, to feel the swell of reality and that gently ebbing flow of eternal energy moving throughout all that truly is one…and if there’s any hitch right here, that we may all let it go…human…just let it go…having a part to play along with that tune is what I’m trying to groove on. We’ve gotta move past and finally through this much-to-do-about-individual-expressionism that we’re all currently stuck on…and to take the good to be found in it and come back together as one…for no other sake than that life is simply what happens and a day is only progress within consistently constant time and space…I will not die…I’ll simply move…

What else do I have to say?
Well, these melodies I humbly present to you have all now dissolved into time and space but were conveniently recorded and have survived for your listening pleasure. I hope our minds embrace. Keep arms, legs and other extremities hanging dangerously close to where the fun is as the ride continues to get progressively more intent-fully, transcendentally conscious…and make sure to dance at least a little every day…it keeps the cancer and zombies away.




It never ceases to amaze me,
The way these crazy lanes change.
Faced with impatient beams of jealous pride,
Inward schemes…such immortal minds as these.
We’re pieces of eternity.

Exploding and imploring and outwardly…
Drifting through a memory.
We’ve always hoped we’d see it
But never dreamed enough
Just to be it.

Speak it slowly
So it soaks between your pores.
And if you dare you’ll
Speak it boldly
So your bones know what they’re for.

And then,

They will rattle like the Earth.

Be Now

I am living in this moment as a spectator, spectate-ing especially concertedly on the insights that have come along with the slow reflection of hard-earned hindsights from past moments realized as a participator in this life…

And now I’m letting go of long held-as-true propagandas, ideologies and misnomers that had to be loosened in order for these over-burdened arms to be freed from their allegorically ripe and painfully existent bondage…

For these tired, troubadour-souled feet to become unshackled from their constant rushing to and fro caused by the realization of time as something that blindly marches onwards…

Pacing steadily until this moment melts down into the ether of a million momentarily-relevant demigods who come and go like limestone sculptures chiseled by the winds of the euphoric omnipotent Source

So the next present “now” may come up riding it’s phantom coattails like a metaphor… drafting resistance from cold reality and moving smoothly into the warmer existences that have to be spectacle only in philosophical realms…

It seems that the acknowledgement of the now is my only true purpose…for BE was spoken…and the rest is simply eternity and it’s speculation….

So is it worthless to worry about tomorrow when today is still a concept most can’t seem to grasp? Windows to the soul, they call them the pen and the pad and the beat grabs something deep within resounding…

Memories from way back when, when I was neither participating nor spectating…perhaps a spector wind just breezed past and now I’m sitting here expounding expanding extrapolating and exhausting myself…

The beat just fell and hit me with excessive verbage, sure there’s meaning to be found from internal reflection but as this universe whirls around my head I can’t help but feel I’ve been here so oh so many times before…

And what was the lesson I needed to learn this time around? To keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds? I think I got that one now…and so I’ll be that…still got a lot of learning to do though, and I can see that but that’s all then and here I am, just trying to be…


BE NOW – Spoken word/Instrumental track

Wonder$ul Li$e

Every time a cash drawer flings open, a bankster gets more bling to blow on yachts, puffin on hydroponic blunts, straight rollin…holdin hands with the devil herself…and still I bought this Fiji water for two fifty retail in a non-reusable plastic bottle and threw it away for convenience’s sake…so hell, can I really blame anybody else but myself for the way this world revolves around gross profit sales?

I’d love to blame it on the ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-capitalism, got me feelin lose with my eight hundred dollar paychecks…love to blame it on the student loans that got me in this deficit zone…but I can’t…not if I’m standing up, not if I’m deciding to be a man in this world of grown children, not since I have no plan to sit back down like some castrated wage slave…disillusioned…pacified all night all day with mindless entertainment…huddled away in some hi-def surround sound cave…soul pollution…left to decay there until there’s no other solution to satisfy a person’s sense of self-worth than with hourly rates, salaries and tax breaks…

Maybe I’m being too harsh with myself and everybody else right now, and honestly I don’t even feel so strongly about all these nickels and dimes…I guess that’s the beauty of letting the inner voice express itself uncensored in verse and rhyme…but all the same, this shit is real…or so I make it in this space in time…see, ultimately love resolves all things back to itself, to the source of all being…but can’t you hear that cash drawer ringing?
Sounds like a bankster somewhere…is blingin.

Wonder$ul Li$e



There is no age like this…no guarantees in life…
Only consistent constant-ness…and bliss…
And bliss is cosmic consciousness…

Transcendental windows to these mental landscapes…
When the wind blows through the trees, ancestral voices echo boldly as the leaves shake…
Saying, “I, we, us, they, all are one crashing wave…break…form…cold…warm…death..born”

There is no age like this…no reasons here…just cyclical becoming-ness…
Seasons interact like kids dancing all around and through time’s many crevasses…
And then it rejuvenates…more newness…and then it fades away to become this…

…exactly what it always has been…
…in it’s eternal definition…
Without it’s eternal damnation’s….

There is no age like this…no guarantees in life…
Only consistent constant-ness…and bliss…
And bliss is cosmic consciousness…